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The Make Your Mark series aims to empower organisations to make a difference to their business, people and the world around them. 

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Working from home at such a scale has already shown the effect society can have on mitigating climate change. How organisations manage a return to the workplace will provide opportunities to build back better and empower change. But, what can organisations do to sustain change with safety and wellbeing at the forefront?

Join The Planet Mark and special guests as we discuss how to navigate through the new way of working in a sustainable, safe, and productive way.

About THE Series

The series of webinars deepen knowledge and understanding about the major influences and challenges facing us environmentally, socially and economically. Joining forces with exemplar industry voices, Make Your Mark touches on a variety of subjects including carbon measurement, social data, employee engagement and progress communication. 

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Getting Back To The Office

We explore how businesses are adapting and supporting clients transitioning back to the workspace in a safe, productive and sustainable way.


SECR Compliance

The Planet Mark and special guest decode and explore the key questions and solutions associated with streamlined energy and carbon reporting.

Tackling Food Waste

From operations to value chain, we explore how tackling food waste has the opportunity to mitigate climate change through collaboration and innovation.   

Social Value

We look at translating stories into a bigger picture, providing monetary value for stakeholders, while making a difference to the wider community.



We uncover the environmental benefits of recycling and initiatives to reduce plastic use alongside London’s leading recycling and waste management company.


The Power of Individual Action

Join Hermione Taylor, Director at Do Nation, Dr Paula Owen, CEO at Eco Action Games and Jo Comotto, Director of Search Experience at Incubeta as we discuss how best to inspire, empower and engage employees to embed a truly effective sustainability strategy.

Net Zero Carbon Future

Join Steve Malkin, CEO of The Planet Mark, Judi Havelock Zeroby30 Programme Lead, and Mark Bird, Environment Director at Childbase Partnership as we explore how organisations can ensure develop a roadmap to net zero carbon.

The Invisible Emitter: How To Reduce Your Digital Carbon 

Join Liam Snelling, Managing Director at Digital Detox and The Planet Mark’s Sustainability Consultant Oly Longland as they discuss the impact of digital carbon and how to identify and reduce your invisible emissions.

Regenerative Economy

Hosted by Steve, CEO of The Planet Mark along with special guests the webinar discusses the new economy’s alignment of economic, environmental and social impacts to build back better.

Communicating Sustainability

Hosted by Dave Carlos, Head of Marketing at The Planet Mark and special guest Lin Dickens, Marketing Director at Bartlett Mitchell, the webinar explores new methods of effectively communicating sustainability.

How To Remain Sustainable When Working From Home 

Hosted by Kendal Archer, Customer Engagement Manager and George Catchpole, Marketing Manager at The Planet Mark, the webinar harnessed the best of people, nature, and technology to help the environment and you.


Steve Malkin

Steve Malkin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Nadia Karagianni

Nadia Karagianni

Head of Certification

Sarah Gillett

Sarah Gillett

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Carlos

Dave Carlos

Ambassador to The Planet Mark

In 2013, Steve Malkin founded The Planet Mark sustainability certification in partnership with the Eden Project. He shares individuals’ uplifting stories along with his own narrative on sustainability. It blends an inspiring vision of a better way of living with the practical steps that we can take to get there.  

Sarah Gillett has worked in sustainability for over 20 years, and is passionate about helping businesses be a force for good.   Lately she has been focused on integrating social value measurement into The Planet Mark certification. 

Nadia Karagianni has worked at consultancies ABS and Allied Project Consultants, which specialise in carbon and energy management, helping organisations reduce operational costs, comply with environmental legislation and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Dave Carlos believes every organisation has an opportunity and duty to contribute to a thriving planet while creating true business value. He has 15 years experience of working as a sustainability consultant in the Real Estate Sector with JLL and holds a degree in Business & Society.





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