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The Make Your Mark series aims to empower organisations to make a difference to their business, people and the world around them. 

Next Webinar: 3rd June


As we wrestle with the immediate and unfolding tragedy and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are necessarily turning our minds to what is next. The rebuilding of economies provides an opportunity to re-imagine a better future grounded in resilience.  

This webinar aims to encourage discussion around the new economy and its focus towards business value and balancing the three pillars of sustainability.

Hosted by Steve Malkin, CEO at The Planet Mark and special guests.  

Join us in discussing the new economy’s alignment of economic, environmental and social impacts to build back better.

About THE Series

The series of webinars deepens knowledge and understanding about the major influences and challenges facing us environmentally, socially and economically. Joining forces with exemplar industry voices, Make Your Mark touches on a variety of subjects including carbon measurement, social data, employee engagement and progress communication. 


Regenerative Economy

What will life be like after Covid-19? We discuss building a better future focused on ensuring organisations balance the three pillars of sustainability.

Digital Carbon

We look to broaden your awareness of digital carbon footprint and help you  reduce your contribution to carbon emissions.

Social Value

We look at translating stories into a bigger picture, providing monetary value for stakeholders, while making a difference to the wider community.


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Steve Malkin

Steve Malkin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Nadia Karagianni

Nadia Karagianni

Head of Certification

Sarah Gillett

Sarah Gillett

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Carlos

Dave Carlos

Head of Communication

In 2013, Steve Malkin founded The Planet Mark sustainability certification in partnership with the Eden Project. He shares individuals’ uplifting stories along with his own narrative on sustainability. It blends an inspiring vision of a better way of living with the practical steps that we can take to get there.  

Sarah Gillet has worked in sustainability for over 20 years, and is passionate about helping businesses be a force for good.   Lately she has been focused on integrating social value measurement into The Planet Mark certification. 

Nadia Karagianni has worked at consultancies ABS and Allied Project Consultants, which specialise in carbon and energy management, helping organisations reduce operational costs, comply with environmental legislation and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Dave Carlos believes every organisation has an opportunity and duty to contribute to a thriving planet while creating true business value. He has 15 years experience of working as a sustainability consultant in the Real Estate Sector with JLL and holds a degree in Business & Society.





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