By ThePlanetMark Thursday, February 6, 2014

At K&N’s networking group for women in design, property and facilities management, Kath Cockshaw, the Enterprise Director here at Planet First described the difficulties of using the word ‘sustainability’, how leadership is not currently working to combat climate change and how each of us has an individual responsibility to act now.

Kath hit home issues to really inspire the audience into action rather than lifelessly listening. Asking them to consider the huge social and economic fall-out that will occur due to environmental change, she made it clear that whilst the situation may be unthinkable, it is not fantasy.

Using her background in art as an influence and means of expression, Kath asked the audience to realise the need for better, more imaginative and personal communications around sustainability as well as the need to change dominant perceptions and attitudes about climate change.

‘A better relationship between man and nature is the keystone to environmental and economic recovery. The subject is far from ‘dry’’

Where so many people fail to inspire action by talking so generally about ice caps and polar bears, doom and gloom, Kath presented hard facts and showed the audience how the responsibility falls on the shoulders of each and every one of us.


  • Thinking about nature and about actively caring about nature every day, think about what you are buying, about packaging, recycling, your energy, waste, water use, and chemicals you pour down the sink.

  • Talking about environmental issues to your colleagues, your friends and even your mum.

  • Thinking about how your company can spread the word that it, and the people in it are taking better care of the planet.

  • Join 2 degrees, the sustainable business network, and read up about what other companies are doing to meet some of the challenges they face.

  • Use your skills, your position, both your personal and business social media accounts, and talk to your CEO, your marketing department and the communications agency you use.

  • Even changing your communications agency to one that ‘gets it’, because at the moment the thought leadership still sits with you, their client.

Kath concluded the evening with a message to make people sit up in their seats and get ready to spring into action:

‘We will only make a difference when we stop talking and start doing. ‘

Kath Cockshaw, Sizzle in sustainability with K& N Women