Holders of The Planet Mark Business Certification are required to measure and reduce their annual carbon emissions associated with business operations. Each year the new carbon footprint becomes the next year’s baseline, thus driving continuous improvement and helping generate our outstanding results.

This certification is for organisations of all sizes. The programme brings sustainability into the centre of your business through a combination of measuring the environmental impact of your business and an employee-led approach to continuous improvement.

It’s straightforward and aimed at organisations of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world, and at any stage on their sustainability journey.


The Planet Mark Properties certification is achieved by landlords, property owners and managers for single and multi-tenanted buildings. It can be achieved for single properties or across an estate or portfolio.

To achieve certification, carbon reduction is targeted for communal areas and tenant demises, with a focus on engaging occupiers, suppliers and the wider community.

We offer a Tenant Engagement Programme to communicate and motivate tenants to work together as well as individually to ensure that the property works as efficiently as possible.

The Planet Mark Certification aligns to landlord’s RPI (responsible property investment) and CSR strategies. It can also aid improvement of scores in benchmarking schemes such as EcoPAS and GRESB

new developments

The Planet Mark New Developments Certification demonstrates the sustainability of a new build. The certification signifies that a new development performs beyond compliance by reducing and mitigating lifetime carbon emissions, and supporting local community sustainability projects.

To date more than 45 new developments have been certified to The Planet Mark.

Prologis UK and Land Securities, two major developers, have achieved The Planet Mark for New Developments Certification for customers such as Network Rail, Travelodge, Hi Logistics (LG electronics), Morrison’s, Dunlop Components and Systems and The Pallet Network.

Several new projects in construction are working towards The Planet Mark Certification.

The Planet Mark New Developments Certification is achieved in stages covering Design & Construction, Community Engagement, Lifecycle Carbon Reduction & Mitigation and Occupier Engagement. The process includes a lifecycle assessment of the development, investment into a local community sustainability project and the mitigation of unavoidable embodied carbon emissions.

We can work with your marketing and communications teams to help you document the sustainability benefits of your new development