New Joiner Announcement

New Joiner Announcement

Our path to digital transformation and community engagement is strengthened further by the addition of Andrew Griffiths to our management structure. 

Following recent signification promotions internally for both our Certification and Sales teamsand by the addition of a brand new Head of Marketing, we are also embarking on a digital transformation project, which will further enhance the exceptional engagement element of the work we do in supporting our members of The Planet Mark community. 

We are delighted to announce we will be joined by Andrew Griffiths on 13th July as our new Director of Digital and Community. Andrew will lead the use of digital technologies and support community events to nuture new and exsisting networks, supporting increased engagment with existing The Planet Mark members and open up new markets in line with our digital vision, marketing and sales strategies. 

A wearer of many hats, Andrew is an astute problem solver for organisations working on a wide variety of projects including corporate reviews, L&D, business operations, communications and healthcare systems. He is exceptional at creating and celebrating community, having worked prolifically on a wide variety of community initiatives that bring people together. As Institute of Directors Ambassador for Young Directors, Andrew has organised huge range of professional events, including at the Houses of Parliament.  

Andrew said “Having been a huge fan of The Planet Mark for the past couple of years, I’m absolutely over the moon to be joining the team and can’t wait to hit the ground running with helping drive forward our mission of supporting organisations to reduce their carbon and increase social impact.”  

At The Planet Mark we recognise that we must bring together the best of people, technology and nature to tackle the climate crisis. We are embedding digital technology throughout our 3-step certification process to help better measure, engage and communicate every company’s contributions to society and the environment. 

2020-2030 remains the most important decade in human history, the #DecadeOfAction. We are aware of how crucial this time is and despite the exceptionally challenging economic circumstance we all find ourselves in, we have taken important steps to strengthen and deepen our commercial position as we continue to grow and support our community of The Planet Mark members.  

Steve Malkin, CEO, shares: “I vividly remember the moment Andrew accepted our offer to work with the team at The Planet Mark. In the moment it took for him to say ‘yes’ I was struck by the overwhelming feeling that we were going to go on and do something incredible.  He brings boundless energy, passion and knowledge to The Planet Mark that will help us grow and deliver even more positive impacts for society and the environment. We are overjoyed that he is joining.” 

Please join us in welcoming Andrew and celebrating our amazing digital journey together as a thriving community. Together, we will make a world of difference. 

Strengthening of our management structure

Strengthening of our management structure

At The Planet Mark, along with our community of clients, we are a collective force for good. Even while we transition to the new normal in the aftermath of the tragedy and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020-2030 remains the most important decade in human history, the #DecadeOfAction.  

We are aware of how crucial this time is and despite the exceptionally challenging economic circumstance we all find ourselves in, we have taken important steps to strengthen and deepen our commercial position as we continue to grow and support our community of The Planet Mark holders.  

Aligned to this, we are delighted to recognise the superb efforts of our amazing team members through several significant promotions.

Please join us in congratulating: 

Nadia Karagianni on becoming Head of Certification. Nadia has been with The Planet Mark since January 2017 and heads up a robust and expert team of six. Nadia and the certification team are guided by excellence and strive to ensure the highest level of data quality and analysis sits behind The Planet Mark certification, so every holder can be truly proud of their achievement.  
Jonathan Withey on becoming Head of Business Development. Jonathan has been with The Planet Mark since 2019 and has rapidly increased our sales in a short space of time. He heads up a dynamic team of four. Jonathan has an in-depth understanding of the challenges organisations face in embedding sustainability into their core business practices. He is looking forward to helping organisations on their sustainability journeys and growing The Planet Mark community. 
The Planet Mark is the only sustainability certification to incorporate communication as a critical element of success. Communication is critical to provide people around the world with a vision of what is possible in creating a better way of living and the role they can play in making it happen.
We have recognised the need to further enhance our existing outstanding Marketing team through the appointment of Claire Walmsley-Moss as Head of Marketing. Claire and her team will elevate the profile of The Planet Mark, helping us to become the most recognisable, trusted and desirable sustainability certification across the UK, and facilitate our future expansion in Europe and globally.  

Holders of The Planet Mark are bound by a common purpose: to help all people contribute to a thriving planet. We have no choice but to step forward; we see the cost of inaction played out in real-time daily in the news. 

Steve Malkin, CEO shares “We are delighted to make these announcements, promoting from within the business with Nadia and Jonathan becoming heads of their departments in The Planet Mark and being able to attract someone as talented as Claire to the business to lead our marketing team.  Whilst we face much uncertainty, we see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something incredible and set our world on a new trajectory to a zero carbon and healthier society.  That is why we continue to invest into our team and into The Planet Mark certification. 

Together, we can make this decade the most exciting period of action imaginable. And a time when, if people ask where you were when the climate debate became a national and international movement, you can say I stood up and I did my bit. Let’s make this the decade we put a stop to climate change. Join us in the #DecadeOfAction, where together we will make a world of difference. 

It’s time to Make a World of Difference – An open letter 

It’s time to Make a World of Difference – An open letter 

George Floyd. We must say his name. 

His name is roaring across the world. His name makes us feel anger and anguish; and rightly soPeople are losing their lives and live in fear. His murder represents hundreds of years of oppression, trauma and injustice Black and Brown people have dealt with on a daily basisand not just in the US. In the UK, Grenfell victims are still struggling, the Windrush generation still needs support, and symbols of slavery still need to be torn down. Racism has no borders. 

At The Planet Mark, the murder of George Floyd has made us examine ourselves. We have constantly said that our purpose is to empower all people to create a thriving planet; and together we are a collective force for good. To achieve our purpose, we have focused our attention on ending the climate crisis and broadly creating social value. Today we recognise that it is not enough. It has been in our DNA to treat everyone with respect and compassion, but not being racist is not enough. As we learn, we grow, and we change. 

Today we commit to being positively anti-racist. When Covid-19 hit, we, like every business, had to evolve quickly, and the murder of George Floyd is having the same impact. We will not be bystandersOver the last couple of weeks, we started educating ourselves, we had open conversations about racism and discrimination as a team, and we have started putting processes in place to get our house in order and help our members do the same. 

We also commit to being positively anti-discriminatory. Within our team we shared experiences of discrimination because of age, disability, gender, pregnancy, maternity, height, race, immigration, accents, socio-economic backgrounds, sex, and sexual orientation. This was an eye-opener for us all. These stories came from 20person team, so imagine the issues faced by everyone in the world. 

It is self-evident that discrimination is not segmented. When discriminations intersect in one person, the trauma multiplies, and we must recognise that Black and Brown people often experience the most discrimination in our world. For example, climate racism exists because those affected the most are people in countries with primarily Black and Brown populations. Moreover, black women are most affected overall. 

It is clear that now is the time for action. As with all things, we will act in line with The Planet Mark Values: We are transformative, ambitious, optimisticcollaborative, and robust. We are at the start of our journey, and we will do more, but for now, here are our immediate plans: 

We are putting the force in “Force for good” 

As we work to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and create a thriving planet, we will take a stronger stance on all mattersincluding racism. We will use our reach and influence to urgently change people’s hearts and minds, therefore you will see a change in our tone of voice while staying positive at all times. The death of George Floyd has lit a fire under us, as we hope it has others.  

We will transform ourselves 

Our goal is to create a happy and healthy culture, where people can bring their whole selves to work. 

  • We will learn by listening to our team, educating ourselves, and bring in experts to help us improve quickly. 
  • We will be empathetic: We will let ourselves feel the emotions associated with injustice so we will be empowered to take serious action. We know that a connection with nature makes people take climate action, so feelings are just as important as knowledge. 
  • We will be ambitious: We will set targets that lead to serious action. From our hiring processes to procurement, we want to go beyond best practice so that we can move the dial quickly. 

We will collaborate with our members 

Our goal is to help our members to positively transform their businesses. 

  • We will listen and learn from our members while providing information, education and forums on anti-racismanti-discrimination and inclusion and equality. 
  • We will examine our services and communications through a lens of social value and social justice just as we have through an environmental lensThis means exploring how we can add diversity and inclusion as part of our measurement of sustainability. 
  • We will work to address more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a business and support our clients where we can. 

We will work to dismantle systems of racism and discrimination 

Our goal is to help fix systems that lead to racism and social injustice. This will take serious education on our part before we act, but we are committing to make a start. Part of this work will be to broaden the impact and deeply understand all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability is inter-linked and co-dependent. 

We will bring about change through direct action and helping our members to do the same. For example, we need to understand how people of colour access our profession and work backwards. We will ask questions like “Why are we not receiving job applications from more people of colour?”, “What are the socio-economic factors preventing them from gaining the education and experience we need”, and “What can we do to help younger generations find opportunities to learn the skills we need”. 

Positive systemic change will directly benefit our clients too. For example, they will be able to access great talent from a wider pool of people, innovate consistently as a diverse team breeds diverse thought, future-proof their business against social crises, and build a positive reputation as they contribute to a thriving planet. 

None of this is enough, but this is a start. We are committing to learn, feel and do more. We want to hear from our members and the wider world on what we can do to make positive change, so please get in touch with us. 

We are in the business of positively changing the world. Today we recognise we must broaden the scope of our work internally, with our members, and around the world. Together, we will make a world of difference. 

Here’s to the next 10 years with Prologis and Cool Earth

Here’s to the next 10 years with Prologis and Cool Earth

Whole-life carbon emissions: it’s not a phrase which would have been front of mind for those working in the property and construction sectors 20 years ago. However, now, with pressure mounting on all areas of business and society to step up and do their bit for the planet, developments are increasingly being assessed on the impacts they make on the world around them.

At Prologis, we’ve been working hard over the past 12 years to make our buildings as sustainable as they possibly can be, in large part due to our partnership with sustainability certification company, The Planet Mark and climate change charity, Cool Earth. Now, to coincide with World Environment Day, we’re rolling out this initiative across our European business and for the next 10 years, we will reduce and mitigate embodied carbon emissions in all of our new buildings in Europe.

Building on the progress we’ve made over the past 12 years, our extended partnership with Cool Earth will ensure that, for each new building across Europe, an area of rainforest 31 times the size of the unit’s footprint will be protected.

Matthew Owen, director of climate change charity, cool Earth said : “Prologis has made, and continues to make, a powerful contribution to sustainable development through measuring and reducing the whole-life carbon emissions of its buildings. No other developer has gone this far. “This is the Decade of Action, where every institution and every individual must contribute to society, tackling climate change and reversing biodiversity loss. To have a chance of limited global warming to 1.5C, we need to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. This year must usher in a decade of ambitious action to deliever these global goals by 2030.”

Why the rainforest?

Even though it’s thousands of miles away from Europe, protecting the rainforest is essential in tackling climate change, as well as bringing wider benefits for society, cultures and biodiversity. Cool Earth’s work is centred around empowering local communities to help keep rainforest standing. As the planet’s global safety net, protecting the rainforest is the smartest, most positive climate action there is.

Rainforest trees lock in a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions and generate moisture, which travels around the world, and accounts for a fifth of the planet’s fresh water.  Rainforests also protect over six million species of plants and animals (with many still undiscovered), forming an ecosystem which is essential to our survival.

What is ‘embodied carbon’?

Put shortly, embodied carbon relates to the carbon emissions produced during the construction maintenance and end of life dismantling of buildings. Whilst many professionals in the property industry are focused on the need to improve the operational sustainability of new buildings, the impact of embodied carbon is less widely understood and often ignored.

This problem is being addressed by certification programmes such as The Planet Mark, which have designed a robust methodology that developers can use to measure, reduce and mitigate a building’s carbon emissions. Embodied carbon can be reduced, but it’s impossible to eliminate it altogether, so developers should be thinking about countering these specific emissions by actively protecting the environment and supporting the development of sustainable communities.

Decade of Action

Our continued partnership is designed to support the UN’s Decade of Action, which empowers every individual and every institution to contribute to society, tackle climate change and reverse biodiversity loss.

To meet the ambitious goals of limiting global warming to 1.5C by 2030, we need to drastically cut carbon emissions and everyone has a part to play: my hope is that the rest of our industry, across Europe, will start looking at embodied carbon and consider supporting organisations like Cool Earth in their efforts to reduce global carbon emissions.

Building on progress

Since setting up the partnership with The Planet Mark and Cool Earth in 2008, we’ve made great strides in ensuring our development is as sustainable as it possibly can be.

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First and founder of The Planet Mark said: “Prologis’ commitment to sustainability demonstrates true leadership in its field and is helping to raise standards across the industry. “We very much hope that others will follow Prologis’ example so that in the next 10 years, we can make this world, our home and our civilisation, happier, safer and more sustainable.”

Here’s what we’re building on for the next 10 years: