Reduction in totl carbon footprint


Reduction in waste related emissions

Amber Infrastructure Group is a leading sponsor, fund manager and asset manager of infrastructure projects.

Amber adopts a socially responsible approach to all its business activities in order to promote sustainable investment, support economic growth, enhance local communities and minimise our impact on the environment.

The types of projects Amber supports

Amber seeks ethical projects that will contribute to the long term sustainable development of an area, and it has qualitative and quantitative benefits for partners. Its investments aim to support an integrated approach to development: creating and sustaining value for the future.

How Amber acts internally within its organisation

Within Amber, sustainability is important in its approach to its work, people, and links with local communities. Amber is certified to The Planet Mark and is committed to measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and wider sustainability metrics.

Initiatives to mitigate its carbon footprint include minimising waste through recycling, seeking to reduce energy consumption, and supporting the cycle to work scheme.

Amber is an equal opportunities employer.

In its last reporting period, Amber reduced its carbon footprint by 13.6% per employee against a 5% target.