Introducing Social Value

We passionately believe in the importance of our mission, so we must be ambitious. We launched The Planet Mark to be a complete mark of sustainability. Having applied a robust methodology to measuring businesses’ environmental impact, we are now very excited to apply this same approach to valuing the impact of social activities.

We usually use storytelling to communicate the great work you do as an effective way of engaging our stakeholders. But wouldn’t it be better to have a figure that, at a glance, could convey the impact of these activities? Now we can.

For the first time a consistent approach has been developed to value social activities and this is being adopted by local authorities and organisations across the UK.

From January 2019, we will provide an opt-in service for holders of The Planet Mark to measure their social value. The Planet Mark will continue to be measured and awarded on reductions in carbon emissions, so organisations opting into social value measurement will be able to report this in addition as a positive influence on society and therefore annual improvements will not be required.

It is our intention that social value measurement will be embedded in the certification in the future. Adding social value measurement will also unlock other significant benefits, including the opportunity to report on more of the UN Sustainability Development Goals

Being able to demonstrate social, environmental and economic value will not only be a key differentiator for your business but enable you to strategically contribute more to society year on year. Click here to download our Social Value Brochure 

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