Our vision

Our mission is:

Our mission is to create a better way of living.
We do this through The Planet Mark certification and sustainability programme. And by empowering organisations and their people to make year on year progress in sustainability.

A key part of our work is to demonstrate that sustainability is good for business and that business good in society and the environment.

Each year we will help you:

1. Measure your carbon footprint and environmental performance
2. Engage your employees and suppliers to help drive improvements
3. Communicate your achievements through our toolkits, promotional materials and marketing channels.

Our trajectory is for a warming planet, how warm depends on us:

It is a time for the brave, who won’t buckle under the heat, who won’t give in to inertia but will work together to create a better way of living. But the question for many is, not what can we do, but how to start doing something positive?