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How to reduce carbon at home this Earth Day

How to reduce carbon at home this Earth Day

Whether you are a homeowner, tenant, student or living at home with your parents, there are many things you can do to reduce how much energy you use and save a bit of cash!

At The Planet Mark we see a world where we all contribute to a thriving planet, and together we are a collective force for good. We are all responsible for the energy we use in our homes, arguably more so now than ever before. Take a look at our quick tips and see if you’re saving as much energy as you could be.

Make small changes to your food consumption:

Animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food, or roughly 30% of global production, is lost or wasted annually. By just ensuring you have zero food waste you can reduce your carbon emissions by 370kg, that’s equivalent to charging your smartphone over 47,000 times!

  • Adopt veganism: 1500 KG CO2 
  • Eat a plant-based diet: 800 KG CO2 
  • Ensure you have no food waste: 370 KG CO2 
  • Eat less meat: 230 KG CO2

  • Total: 2900 KG CO2 

Reduce your energy use: 

Around 14% of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from homes, and last year carbon emissions from housing actually increased, mainly from gas boilers. By switching to an independent renewable energy supplier the average customer could save in excess of £250. 

  • Buy green energy: 1450 KG CO2 
  • Install a new boiler if yours is more than 10 years old: 300 KG CO2 
  • Make sure your home has adequate insulation: 180 KG CO2 
  • Upgrade your lightbulbs to LED: 100 KG CO2 

  • Total: 2030 KG CO2 

Put systems in place to manage your waste: 

The world produces 330 million tonnes of plastic a year, a figure that is expected to treble. Schemes such as recycle now can help you recycle almost anything. Visit their website to find out what you can recycle from your doorstep.

  • Recycle: 210 KG CO2 
  • Compost food residues: 200 KG CO2 
  • Use a reusable coffee cup: 80 KG CO2 
  • Switch from plastic bags to re-usable shopping bags: 5 KG CO2 

  • Total: 495 KG CO2 

Make these small changes to your lifestyle:

Figuring out the best way to reduce your carbon footprint may initially seem an onerous task. However making a few lifestyle changes can have massive benefit on the environment. Starting with small steps is often the best way to embed a consciousness of sustainable thinking 

  • Wash clothes in cold water: 250 KG CO2 
  • Hang dry clothes: 210 KG CO2 
  • Shower, instead of taking a bath: 100 KG CO2 
  • Work from home two days a week: 100 KG CO2 

  • Total: 660 KG CO2 


The Planet Mark Home Worker Package is designed to give essential tips to seamlessly transition to working from home. Engaging the best of nature, people and technology, the package helps tackle shared obstacles and bring people closer together.

Earth day 2020

Earth day 2020

At The Planet Mark, we see a world where we all contribute to a thriving planet, and together we are a collective force for good. 2020 to 2030 is the most important decade for tackling the climate emergency and biodiversity breakdown. As we celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, we would like to invite you to join us in this Decade of Action. While we are unable to physically gather and demonstrate our commitment to preserving our planet, we have resources to help reduce your carbon footprint, engage with your local communities, and embrace the immense power of nature.

We look forward to hearing how you and your communities are planning to celebrate the day, and the positive actions you are taking to drive transformative change for both people and the planet. From our homes to yours, join us in celebrating Earth Day 2020.

Our commitment to the community

Our commitment to the community

As we begin a further three weeks of social distancing and remote working measures, we wanted to reassure our community that we recognise the daily challenges faced during this unsettling time. The pandemic has affected many of us in one way or another.

We remain here for you and will continue to support you throughout the health crisis. At The Planet Mark we share a collective goal to create a thriving planet, and in doing so help you become more resilient and adaptable to our changing world. In the midst of constant change lies opportunity to adapt to ‘the new normal’, and in doing so provides a space to bring people closer together. We hope the resources below will help you in engaging workers, customers, the community and environment:

Home Worker Package: engaging the best of nature, people and technology, the package helps tackle shared obstacles and bring people closer together

Sustainability News Roundup: sharing positive stories our community are offering customers

Kindness is Contagious LinkedIn Group: created a space to share good news stories on how our community are helping their employees, customers and wider world through the health crisis

Supporting Your Community: from volunteering opportunities to supporting the NHS, we’ve listed several ways you can connect and contribute to the community at this time.

Together we are a collective force for good.

With best wishes, 




Supporting your local community

Supporting your local community

Communities play an important role in our lives. We have communities in our friends, family and neighbourhoods. From the teams we support to the food we eat; community unites us. During uncertain times, community reassures us through security and support. Now more than ever we are relying on neighbours to help individuals who are impacted by the current struggles of daily life. From volunteering opportunities to supporting the NHS, below are a number of ways you can connect and contribute to the community at this time:

Mutual Aid Groups

The Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group offers several resources and ways to connect people to their nearest local group, willing volunteers and those in need. Please find your local mutual aid group and see how you support your community.


Neighbourhood Networks

  • Next door is a neighbourhood hub that provides members with hyperlocal updates from fellow neighbours. Share news, recommendations or directly message a neighbour and keep tabs on the goings-on.
  • Olio invites individuals to offer up surplus food to those around them in local neighbourhoods in the hope of reducing food waste. For more guidance read Olio Covid-19 Q&A.


Reach Out

More people are encouraging those who can help others to let them know they are available and what they can do to help. The type of help which could be offered includes:

  • Staying in contact via telephone, text or skype
  • Collect and deliver shopping: leaving groceries on the doorstep or in a safe place in accordance with government guidelines to avoid close contact
  • Recommend local shopping options and trusted suppliers
  • Deliver magazines, book and materials to support hobbies
  • Reassure people with up-to-date and accurate information


Volunteering Opportunities

  • Help manufacture facemasks for NHS staff with Shield NHS.

Find an opportunity to volunteer in your local community:

CWB Magazine Feature: Make Your Mark

CWB Magazine Feature: Make Your Mark

CEO and Founder of The Planet Mark Steve Malkin speaks to Laura Turner, editor-in-chief at CWB Magazine, a dedicated platform, covering business news and issues around childrenswear.

Steve discusses SMEs potential to become the foundation of the global sustainability agenda, presenting emerging opportunities for growth. With environmental-conscious consumers seeking to invest in sustainable businesses, green credentials help attract and retain good people in a company; people who appreciate putting values into action. On average, organisations certified to The Planet Mark make a 14% carbon saving each year per employee.

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