Do the Green Thing :Posters to save the Planet.

At Planet First we have partnered up with Do The Green Thing to provide clients with fantastic posters promoting sustainability. Displayed around the office, the aim is to grab the attention of employees, to continually motivate them and inspire them to make a contribution alongside their Green Teams. These eye catching and individually designed posters suggest ways of approaching everyday tasks and prompt habit change.

The posters are highly relevant to office environments including messages encouraging action around paper wastage, saving light and water, transport, recycling and temperature control. These are an extremely straightforward and useful tool for green teams to keep their colleagues engaged and environmental office initiatives in motion.

The environmental charity Do The Green Thing uses the tag-line ‘Creativity vs. Climate Change’, a fusion brought to them by the creative directors of both Google and Innocent, as well as various artists and designers. Their material is produced in a selection of forms including posters, which are dedicatedly created to promote simple environmentally friendly changes that people can make in their daily lives. These posters have grabbed world-wide attention and are inspiring people everywhere to save CO₂.