Property Certification

The Planet Mark Properties certification is achieved by landlords, property owners and managers for single and multi-tenanted buildings. It can be achieved for single properties or across an estate or portfolio.

To achieve certification, carbon reduction is targeted for communal areas and tenant demises, with a focus on engaging occupiers, suppliers and the wider community.

We offers a Tenant Engagement Programme to communicate and motivate tenants to work together as well as individually to ensure that the property works as efficiently as possible.

The Planet Mark Certification aligns to landlord’s RPI (responsible property investment) and CSR strategies. It can also aid improvement of scores in benchmarking schemes such as EcoPAS and GRESB.


  • Reduce carbon and save energy costs

  • Attract and engage tenants

  • Align with property investor sustainability targets

  • Future proof investments

  • Enhance landlord tenant relationship

  • Delivers financial, social and environmental business benefits and fits into wider organisational objectives

  • Uniquely bringing together measurement, engagement and communications

  • Simple yet robust methodology, based on international standards